Defy your own odds at Bwin!

Put the odds in your favour before the clock strikes zero!

It’s exciting, it’s huge and it’s getting bigger and bigger by the minute: the Raffle Jackpot – the newest innovation at Bwin Casino! 

Total prize pool
8,420.56 EUR

Next prize draw
26/3/2015 @ 16:00:00

  Top prizes!
1 2,947.2 EUR
2 1,263.08 EUR
3 589.44 EUR
4 421.03 EUR
5 336.82 EUR
6 252.62 EUR
7 168.41 EUR
8 84.21 EUR
9 84.21 EUR
10 84.21 EUR

Every ticket counts. Defy your odds!

For every $0.01* wagered at the prize draw jackpot slots, you will receive one ticket for the jackpot draw. This means the more you wager, the more tickets you will collect – for every spin!

The more tickets you earn, the higher your chances of winning will be. Keep your eyes open for slots marked with “Raffle Jackpot” and collect your tickets for the next draw.

All of the jackpot tickets you earn will be entered into a live draw where every ticket has the same chance of being randomly selected.

If you have collected tickets but missed the live draw, you can easily check if you have won by simply clicking “Game logs” at any game at the Download Casino.

The clock is already ticking … tick … tock!

Here's how it works:

  1. Create your account at

  2. Log in to the new bwin Download Casino.
  3. Play any of our “Raffle Jackpot” slots.
  4. Automatically earn a ticket for every $0.01* wagered.
  5. Watch the draw once the countdown hits zero in the lobby.
Play now! Play now!

*The number of tickets are calculated daily using current exchange rates.


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