The main goals for a poker player

19 April

Objetivos jugador poker

One of the keys to playing online poker today is definitely set goals. At first, it seems a very ambiguous advice, but usually it's a good advice in all areas: career, love life, hobbies, family, time management... but what seems simple and obvious, we decided rarely to take 5 or 10 minutes a week to work on it (nope! I said 10 minutes a week!).

The objectives should be differentiated into 3 groups: short-term goals, medium-term goals and long-term goals. Everyone has a big goal in life, but depending on how ambitious it may be a long time until you get it, so surely you will fall into a frustration before to get it. This can also happen if the goal is unrealistic and virtually unobtainable for the vast majority of mortals (reaching the moon for example).

From my point of view, the first thing we should do is to set ourselves the great goal and a specified period of time. For example, to become a poker professional in 1 year. To do this we need to analyze what we need to reach it, then we would obtain the short- and medium term goals.

What do we need to become an online poker professional?

Once we have the list of what we think we need to become a poker professional player, we must analyze what we have and what requirements we need to acquire. Consider a 20 year old guy who goes to college, he has played some game with friends, who has a personal pc and an internet connection, no initial capital, no poker formation, surely he is not a winning online player and he has about 4 hours a day to spend on it and about 10 hours over the weekend, a total of 30 hours.

Well, we've the conclusion about what we need to become a professional poker player, now let's set ourselves medium-term goals:

Fulfilled requirements:

  • Learning the basic rules of the game
  • Having a computer
  • Having an internet connection
  • Time

Medium-term goals

  • Getting training
  • Becoming a winning player
  • Have initial capital

I have ordered the medium-term goals in order of relevance. 

Short-term goals

Once marked the medium-term goals, I must investigate how to reach them through short-term goals.

First, I have to get training in this area, like in any other field, no one is born with the knowledge, we have to spend hours and hours learning. Poker is complex and thinking you're the best is useless, you must be humble also when you win your friends on Saturday night. Online poker tables are full of sharks and you are a little fish. The sooner you assume it will be better.

  • POKER SCHOOLS: They are good as the most comfortable choice, so you get all the information you need to at least start winning at very low limits, as you gain skill and knowledge, you can go slowly learning while you're playing.

    • Advantages:
      • Very comfortable
      • Lots of information from the first moment

    • Disadvantages:
      • A very expensive way to learn (they look like cheap but they aren't)

  • AUTODIDACT: Looking for specialized bookshops and researching online, you can find a variety of articles and books that make you improve, the more material you read, the better prepared you'll be.

    • Advantages:
      • High quality material for free or very cheap.
    • Disadvantages:
      • It's not easy to distinguish good from a bad or outdated material.

  • TUTORS OR COACHING: As in almost any specialty, there are people responsible to an individually training, there are a lot of possibilities if you have money for it.

    • Advantages:
      • With a personal coach, you will improve soon.
    • Disadvantages:
      • Expensive
      • It's not easy to distinguish between a good or bad teacher.

One you have the training, we must be able to make us winners, so in an ideal way you should practice with ficticious money or online poker for free in Zyngapoker or poker rooms as Pokerstars or Partypoker, so we can put into practice what we have learned and correct errors while we play. We can also play free tournaments (you can see a calendar here)

The last short-term goal is to get the initial bankroll. Many players start playing with something they have saved, but others try to win this oney before by playing in free tournaments. As we have said above, this option allows us to practice in a safety mode while we gain experience and skills at the tables; so the freeroll may not be the fastest option, but it allows us to correct mistakes. If we play with real money we would lose money.

Here I put as an example something that might interest us or that is related to the main theme of the web, but it's applicable to thousand different situations, so I recommend using this system for almost anything. As I said, 15 minutes per week are enough to revise our goals and how they can be modified.

In short, if we want to achieve goals in life, we should write a road map from the beginning, being realistic and consistent, we must also be flexible and not decay; if we do not get something, then get it! We can also vary how we will achieve these goals. Unexpected things always exist and we need to be prepared to solve the problems that may arise us as quickly as possible the goal.

What do you think? Do you usually spend some time to set goals? 

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