Pokerstars introduces Seat-me in its software

2 February


Poker room Pokerstars has decided to introduce "Seat-me" in his software to avoid players choose who to sit with when playing poker. 

For some time now, protecting and atract recreational players against professional players have become a major problem for poker rooms and they have been setting up different measures for certain time now.

Pokerstars  is no exception and they have announced the inclusion of SEAT-ME in their software. Seat me will seat players in a random table just after they have chosen their level, so players will not be able to see who is on the table any more before sitting. This is expecting to try to avoid bumhunting practices, which consist in playing exclusively against week or recreational players and the grimming, the practice of disconnecting before big blind.  

As per Pokerstars' blog, Seat-me will allow to:

  • Reduce bumhunting practices.
  • Prevent the use of seating scripts.
  • Reproduce the experience of a real casino: random table and seat election.
  • Set up time penalties for those players constantly switching tables in order to avoid playing against certain players.

pokerstars changes

As Pokerstars has done before, Seat-me will be tried first in and after reviewing the results, it will be considered to extent this measure to another countries.

It is not the first time Pokerstars has made steps to try to protect and continue attracting more modest players who can feel harassed by sharks or professional players. During 2016 they already took different iniatives to:

  • Destroy datamining. Pokerstar banned the use of softwares to harvest hands although they are aware this practice is still in use and they are working on clearer and more strict rules for players. 
  • Matching players randomly. This action is currently being tested in Heads-up and Sit&Go in Spain. It's purpose is erradicating and minimazing bumhunting practices and seating scripts.
  • Improving payout structures. After analysing Spin&Go data,  Pokerstars wll reduce frequency of 2x multipliers in benefit of higher multipliers like 4x y 6x. They have also revised payout distribution in Multi-Table Tournaments and they will decrease the final table prizes and redistribute it amongst a bigger amount of players. 

It is definitely hard to make every one happy specially when you have a pool of players with really different needs and desires but what do you think? Will players switch to another poker room?

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