You choose what to buy in the HabStore

5 April

HabStore make your order

It's time to redeem your HabCoins

We have decided that it is up to you to choose what to buy in our HabStore. Although we try to introduce a catalog of products that fit your tastes and needs, maybe you have not found anything you like in our online store. Well, don't worry, because now we offer you the possibility to order it and as soon as possible we will make it available in our store so you can buy it with your HabCoins.

We know how long is to get HabCoins, so we understand you want to redeem them for something you really want or need, order it and it will be yours so soon!

How do I order my product?

  1. Fill in the following form
  2. We will contact you to inform you when the item is available in our store
  3. Buy with your HabCoins

Our catalog of products will be complemented with the articles that you are requesting us, go and order ir! If you don't know what HabCoins are or how to buy in our HabStore, don't miss the following post: PLAY IN HABWIN, GET HABCOINS AND BUY IN THE HABSTORE.


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