Free datamining available in HabWin

5 June

Free datamining in HabWin

Download your poker hands in HabWin

In HabWin we offer the possibility to download your poker hands from your user profile, in a fast and free way. Our service includes the iPoker and Winning network.

This is an exclusive service for HabWin users, so you must create your poker account in any of our rooms to be able to download your hands for free. Register in HabWin and choose one of our rooms in iPoker, Winning or Microgaming. You can filter our rooms according to the network to which they belong. Once you have created your poker account through HabWin, find out how to download your hands below.

How I download my poker hands?

  1. Login in HabWin
  2. Go to Hands
  3. Select the network: iPoker or Winning.
  4. Select the level
  5. Download the zip of the day you are interested for 

    Poker HabWin hands

Daily we update the hands, so get them at the moment, quickly and for free.

If you are part of HabWin, you will also get other advantages that will surely make you enjoy the game experience. Start now and enjoy all the benefits of being a part of HabWin!


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