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10 October


HabCoaching recruits poker teachers

Have you ever thought about sharing your poker knowledge? HabCoaching is the platform with which players and coaches keep in touch to improve their playing techniques, to correct their weaknesses and to reinforce their potential. Surely you find a lot of information on the internet to hire poker coaches, but what if you want to offer your coaching services to others? Push play and discover all the possibilities we offer:

In Habwin we receive in average 10 000 visits per month of poker enthusiast who play through our website benefiting of the advantages we offer. Not only we do have a high percentage of loyalty, but every month our database increases with new users.

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5% of our visits consulted our Habwin services, which represents a customer base of 5000 users worldwide: not only in Spain or Europe but also in the Americas and Asia.
The coach service offered through our platform can be contracted with European currency or with our points system.

Advantages of being a coach in HabWin

    It is important that you tell us who you are, what your specialty is, your hourly rates, per packs, etc ... All the information that a poker player would need to know you and to know that you are the coach he/she wants to hire. You must insert a profile photo so that you would be seen and felt as more accessible, it will make you more visible among our users and it will make you stand out above the other teachers.

    You will have your own blog where you could develop your content, including videos, images, documents, results of your game, graphics, articles,... whatever you want as long as our users see how good you are in poker. They can mark you as a "favorite" to keep track of your updates and so gradually gain confidence in you. Like that, you will get more and more students in your coachings.

    Within we have an online store where you can sell your poker coaching. Profit our platform and the entire system we have developed to make sales easy and safe. Among other things, we offer different forms of payment (Paypal, transfer, credit card,...) But we also create your own supplier profile from which you can manage your products and your orders. Don't worry, one of our agents will advise you to upload your products to the store and you will see how simple and comfortable it is. Once the sale is made, the coaching will be taught via Skype or with any other tools that you, as a teacher, consider appropriate. Keep in mind that our store moves €20,000 each month... why not offer your coaching so our users could buy it right now?

    We have a specialized team in social networks at the head of HabWin that is constantly looking for new ways to promote and organize advertising campaigns. Join these campaigns and you and your coaching will be part of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube... in HabWin. We will move your content through our social networks with every update you make. Keep in mind that we have a portfolio of followers specialized in poker, so the interest in your coaching is more than assured.

    In case you are not still sure to join us, we offer you our poker deals. As affiliates we have better conditions with poker rooms, which we can extrapolate to our coaches. So, overnight, you can start earning more in your poker rooms.

As you have seen, if our players are interested in you, it totally depends on you! We have obtained very good results with the coaches who have been showing interest, updating their contents, carrying out promotional actions or status updates, etc... We offer you the platform, you will do your best for the rest stuff.

“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them” 


If you have already decided that you want to be part of our team of teachers, just contact us and one of our agents will show you how to be part of HabCoaching. Welcome!

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