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22 December

poker posts

This Christmas we want to offer our greatest posts about poker. Without further delay, here we go:

Best guide for choosing your Spin'n'Go 

In this article you will find a listing of the Spins games in some of the best online poker rooms of the moment.


Why is the rakebak so important in the micro stakes?

If you're one of those who plays microlimits, you have to look for the best poker rakeback in the market. With this agreement you can multiply your winnings.

micro stakes rakeback

All you need to know to use psychology in your poker strategy

Learn how to use psychology in your poker games and how to interpret the game and the gestures of your opponents.

Psychology applied to poker

Poker: Training camp for artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence use more and more often the poker games to improve its capacities of deep learning.

The best software to play online poker 

Analysis of poker programs that help you improve your online poker game. Differences between statistical software, analysis and support poker programs.

Everything you always wanted to know about the Bitcoins

Bitcoins and poker rooms: all the advantages to make a big profit of this digital coin in your poker, betting and casino game.

Bitcoins poker casino y bets

11 Poker books every player should read

Improve your pooker strategy with the best poker books. Increase your knowledge in hand ranging and statistics.

best poker books

The top 10 poker movies

This is our ranking of the Top 10 Poker Movies: Comedy, Western, Thriller and Documentary. Don´t miss it!

the top 10 poker movies

The main goals for a poker player

If you play online poker or you are interested on free online poker is because you have your own goals. Please, check here the main goals you should have.

Objetivos jugador poker

Habits to focus your poker sessions online

In HabWin we have some good habits that will help to improve and to achieve the expected goals during your poker games.

Habits to focus your online poker session


Poker Online: 10 keys to choose the best poker online room

We suggest you the 10 most important points before choosing your best poker room. 



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