All the benefits of WPN network

25 November

Not playing in any of out Winning Network poker rooms? you might be losing money. 

In all the fuss of promotions, rake races, bonus and other information, it becomes really hard to know which poker room fits us better, and that’s why we are going to tell you in a plan vanilla way, how is winning, traffic schedule and above all, how much rakeback you can get.

There are normally enough traffic to play 7-8 tables with fishes from 18:00 (Center Europe Time) until 10:00 in the morning, been spectacularly low the field since 03:00, so if you are a nighty person or you live in the American continent, this fits you perfectly.

Until NL200 there are plenty of tables to play Winning as main lobby, it is enough mixing 2 levels. If you want top lay NL400+ maybe after midnight you will have 15-20 tables available, but not at the European evening.There is a funny players combination, where coexist very big fishes with a bunch of bots (yeah, bots, don’t fool ourselves), that play robust but over-aggressive, and a few nits. We suggest you to induce and protect your ranges against these bots, they crash by themselves. Against nits and fishes, we are sure that you will erase them.

Here starts the fun.

  • You have 2 choices in ACRYapoker y BlackChipPoker: Direct Rakeback of 27%, no matter how much rake you make, or the VIP system. If you are going to play only a little bit, we encourage you to stick with the 27%, and release the first deposit bonus, that is equivalent to another 20% and open an account on the other 2 winning rooms, until you have released the 3 bonuses. If you are going to play a lot, we suggest you to play on PokerKing.
  • In Pokerking you will have a direct rakeback that increase with the total amount of raked made by you on a monthly basis, up to 40% of rakeback
    To mantein the reached level, you will only have to make half of the points needs to get it in the first place. This is your poker room if you are going to grind a lot.


  • Rake races The Cage. There has been a change last week and theses are now daily races, in which you can get approximately:


    The points are estimated, but according to our experience, we think
    that you Will make 10,50 points on every usd of rake you make. It
    is not 100% accurate, but certainly will help you to have a better

    Habwin Will give you 15% extra since the first usd of rake made. Making easy maths, you will get 15% + up to 40% + races = 85-90% if you are able to make mora than 2000$ of monthly rake and every day you play you are able to make at least 85-90$. Yeah, 85-90% of rakeback. With that must be all said!

Happy fish hunting!


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