The CIRSA bi-monthly tournament arrives to Valencia

10 June

The CIRSA bi-monthly tournament arrives in Valencia


The Valencian Casino CIRSA organizes its third tournament edition for the next 14, 15 and 16 June.

Players can access the tournament with a buy-in of 150€ and start with 35,000 points in 9 levels of 40 minutes during the first day, and longer 45 minutes on the second and third day (a total of 11 levels of unlimited entry). 
And also, during registration in addition is added a "Dealer Bonus", "add free" or "buy-in plus"of 5€ that will go to the Dealer and will add 5,000 points to the player's stack.

You can also access through satellites that will start on the previous Thursday, June 13 at 20:00, with a buy-in of 30€, corresponding to 5,000 points. Unlimited re-entry will be offered up to level 11 and without adding which will be used to pay 180€ to the bubble for ITM. The rest will go directly to the final prize.

As in the first two editions, there will be satellite tournaments to make entry more affordable. The previous Thursday, June 13 at 8:00 p.m., will start in 30 € (5,000 points), and the possibility of repurchases.

If you want to be like Mhamed Lakhal, or Felix Lopez, the winners of the last editions that earnt a prize of 4,580 and 3,660 € respectively, you must only register in this tournament which will take place next weekend.


Schedule of the BIMESTRAL June 2019 Tournament:

Thursday 13, 20h Satellite. € 20, with rebuys and € 20 addon.

Friday 14, 7pm day 1. 9 levels are played.

Saturday 15, 17h day 2. Entry is allowed until the end of level 2.

Sunday 16, 17h day 3. Final table.


You can book your ticket or get more information about the Bimestral Tournament of Cirsa in Valencia by clicking here.

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