What does a poker coach?

"Coaching is unlocking the potential of people, so they can take their performance to the maximum. It means helping them to learn rather than teaching them. "
John Whitmore

How do I learn with a poker coach?

For example, a coacher could teach you to beat your levels through various tools such as: 

  • 1 - Analyzing your database to detect major errors in your game and you will solve the to get more benefit. 
  • 2 - By teaching mathematics and the best movements and situations, to learn to maximize profitability and you can continue to learn for yourself in the future; if you know why you do things, you will adapt yourself when needed.
  • 3 - Reviewing your game in live. Not only it's important to know how to play, but polishing errors while we play. Here we show you how to focus your game properly when you make hands, because every mistake we make is a huge impact on our earnings. When you know how to play, you win poker by not making mistakes.
  • 4 - Analyze your opponents and your level. As important as playing is to understand how your opponents play, adapt to them makes a big difference when you want to beat any level.

What it happens if you're more demanding and you want something more personal?

We plan for you our revolutionary figure of the tutor. If you are part of our tutored select club of players, you will have a coacher keeping an eye of your evolution. Each month he will track your results in tables, he will advise you when you must change your level, in which rooms you should play, how to face up to the regulation, etc. In short, you have a professional at your side to help not only in the tables.

What are the courses announced by HabWin?

From time to time we will make introductory courses or any specific thematic course, which will be conducted online via a small group of HabWin players. You can find the description of the subject taught in each course.

Who are the professionals who I can hire?

In the section of coaches you have all the information about themselves and their careers.

Different types of coaches:

  • Analysis of hands:

    Our teachers will be responsible for studying your database to correct any errors that you may have in your game, whether you're losing and do not know you're doing something wrong, as if you are a winning player, increasing the pace of gains.

  • Game concepts:

    If you do not have a clear concept of Poker, you can order a lecture on a particular topic, such as when, how and who put a bet on 3rd blind.

  • Courses:

    Throughout the entire year we will make several online courses for groups with different interests. For example, an introductory course for novices in poker from lower levels or how to go from full ring to short handed without dying in the attempt.

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