Play in HabWin, get HaCoins and redeem them in the HabStore

10 February

HabStore productos free

Redeem your HabCoins and get products for free!

If you play with your account created through HabWin you not only get the usual benefits offered by the room, but we give you an extra: HabCoinsThe HabCoins are our currency of exchange, with them you can buy in our online store, the HabStore. You can link with HabWin as many accounts as you like; the total of your HabCoins is equal to the sum of the HabCoins obtained in the different rooms where you have created your accounts. In your profile user you can verify if your accounts have been correctly linked to HabWin, when it's correctly linked there will be a green check. Also in your profile you will find the total of HabCoins you achieve.


 The more you play the more you win

Take a tour over our HabStore and discover the products you can get for free! We know what you like, so we have included in our store products you would like: technology, motor, sports,... Many brands already trust on HabWin: Fnac, Ikea, Zara, Just Eat, Game,... 

For poker players we have a special category where you could find poker coaching, specialised books, software, tournament tickets or VIP packages around the world. The more you play, more HabCoins you get!



Would you like to be part of the next CNP for free?
Get as HabCoins as you can and redeem them for your ticket to the next CNP
(the ticket is valued at €550) 


If you don't accumulate the HabCoins needed to buy a product, don't worry, you can always use the mixed option, with which you can pay part of the product with HabCoins and the rest in cash. We offer different ways to make the payments: bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. To get the best gifts totally free you will have to play a lot, but there are many gifts that you can get simply by registering in some rooms. The reward will be worth it!!

We remind you that the HabCoins are lifelong, it means that they have no expiration date, so you can redeem them whenever you want. In the section corresponding to each room you have the detailed information about when the HabCoins are updated. If you think you should have received HabCoins in any room and you have not received them, please contact us.

What should I do to win HabCoins?

  1. Sign up in HabWin and play in our rooms
  2. Win all the HabCoins you can
  3. Redeem these HabCoins and get free products in our HabStore 

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