Free tickets at the Bwin Daily Centrolls

Bwin centrolls

 Free tickets with the Bwin Centrolls

Every day at bwin tournament chart you will find daily centroll to win tournament tickets in a staggering $1,000 weekly prize pool. After that it's up to you to grow your bankroll and keep it high! Play the centrolls daily and start playing free tickets every week. There are up to 123 paid positions during the weekends, what are you waiting for?  at tthe week:

Monday – Friday: Daily Centroll at 20:00 (CEST) with a prize pool of $100 added per day

Saturday – Sunday: Daily Centroll at 20:00 (CEST) with an increased prize pool of $250 added per day

How can I join the centroll?

  1. Sign up in Bwin

    sign up in Bwin

  2. Select "Tournaments" and browse for the "Daily centroll"

Monday to Friday - $100 added

Position Prize
1st - 2nd $11 Ticket
3rd - 5th  2x $2.20 Tickets
6th - 8th 1x $2.20 + 1x $1.10 Tickets
9th - 17th $2.20 Ticket
18th - 26th 2x 55c Tickets
27th - 36th $1.10 Ticket
37th - 62nd $0.55 Ticket

Saturday & Sunday - $250 added

Position Prize
1st - 7th $11 Ticket
8th - 15th 2x $2.20 Tickets
16th - 24th 1x $2.20 + 1x $1.10 Tickets
25th - 45th $2.20 Ticket
46th - 63rd 2x 55c Tickets
64th - 81st $1.10 Ticket
82nd - 123rd $0.55 Ticket

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