May the flop be with you!

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Join the Flopomanía in 888 poker

888 poker is taking back the game with Flopomania, the exciting new poker format which starts with the flop - giving you MORE action, less waiting! Now players can see the flop every single hand. After placing the ante, the hole cards are dealt and the flop is opened immediately. No waiting – simply dive straight into the action! 

Flopomania gives a fresh twist to the traditional version of Texas Hold’em poker. The key difference in Flopomania is that the flop is open from the very start and there’s no need to place a bet before you see the flop. The game gets going straight away – perfect if you’re looking for some fun, fast poker action!

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How do I take part in the Flopomanía?

  1. Sign up in 888 poker.
    Sign up in 888 Poker

  2. Unlike a usual Texas Hold’em poker game, in Flopomania there are no compulsory Small Blind and Big Blind bets. Instead, the game begins with all players posting an equal bet, known as the table ante. After each player has placed his initial bet, the hole cards are dealt and the flop is immediately opened. All you gotta do is play 50 hands in Flopomania and you’ll bag yourself an Action Scratchcard, where up to $100,000 is waiting to be won!
  3. From here on – the betting rules, hand ranking and game rules are all the same as those of Texas Hold’em. 
    The player on the left of the dealer is called the “First to Act player”. They will open the betting round and the game kicks off! You can complete this challenge up to 3 times each day!

Push or Fold Flopomania

Push or Fold Flopomania is a fab variation of the game which makes your life even easier! With a pre-set betting amount, all you need to decide is whether to push or fold. In Push or Fold Flopomania, there is only one opportunity to bet during each hand. 

If facing a bet, players can choose whether to fold, or to call the push amount. If they are not facing a bet, then players need to either bet the table push amount, or check. Once a player has placed a bet, he will be capped and restricted from placing any additional bets during that hand.

May the flop be with you!


Name:  Flopomania
Room:  888
Date:  Ongoing!


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