Discover the Pokerstars Spin&Go Max

Spin&Go Max POkerstars Discover the Spin&Go Max

A new version of the Spin & Go is here but with more playersmore variety, and more ways to maximise your winnings: the Spin&Go Max!!

This version brings along quite a lot of innovative features, and the chance to win 10,000 times your buy-in every time you sit at the tables.

How are they played?

1)Number of players 

The number of players is not known before you register. A random draw held before the tournament will decide the number of players, ranging from three to eight. The number of players drawn directly influences the prize pool.

2)Triple prize spin 

Three spinners will show three potential prizes for the tournament's eventual winner. When play ends, the prizes will be shuffled and hidden. The winner will then pick one of the prizes (see Step 5) at random. In case there is more than one player to be paid, this will be specified in the tournament lobby and do not affect whatever prize the first-place finisher selects post-game.

3)All-in mode

In case no winner is decided after a certain number of hands it's time to go all-in! Meaning by this that the game will turn into a faster-paced mode. Careful there!

3)Pick the prize

Prizes drawn before the game will re-appear and then be shuffled and hidden. The winner will have 45 seconds to pick from one of the three hidden prizes. If they don't act in time the prize will be randomly selected for them.

To add even more excitement, when higher prizes are drawn  a 'Cash Out' option will be offered. Instead of randomly picking one of the hidden prizes at the end of the game, it will be you to decide if you accept the deal or not. The Cash Out amount would be supposedly equal to the average value of all three prizes.

It sound like fun righ? Check them now and tell us what you think? Not holding a Pokerstars account yet? 

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