Easy real rakeback at Betfair

Betfair Habwin

Get the Real rakeback at Betfair

Do you do more than €1.000 rake per month? Do you want to get a 51% rakeback? With Betfair you will benefit of cash games at the highest stakes as well as a great tournaments schedule with huge guarantees. Betfair belongs to Ipoker so be sure traffic won't be a problem. 

What's on the table?

First Deposit Bonus 200% UP TO €1,000
Rakeback up to 47% WC  (35 % WC + 12% extra with Habwin)
Bank Job Promo 100€ =10% extra rake)
Monthly rake races €10.000  Up to €10.000
Twister races  Up to €12,500
Free datamining  

We have been grinding our selves and great rakeback is accompanied with a great user experience at Betfair Poker, plus rakeback can be compliled between different promotions. E.g.

If you make €1,000 rake per month you unblock the bank job promotion that equals aproximately a 10% rake+ 35% rb from the room + 6% rakeback from Habwin... a total of 51% real rake!

How can I Join

Join with us and get a 48% rakeback every month.

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