Up to $ 2,000 with your first deposit

WELCOME BONUS up to $ 2000

Play and unlock your Betsafe Welcome Bonus simply by playing. You will be able to receive your Bonus according to the percentages that you obtain in each chosen limit; If you are a new player you can participate in new player tournaments for a period of 4 weeks!

When you create your account you will receive 28 tickets to enter level 1 tournaments. Once you play at least 10 hands of Texas Hold 'Em (not including the free game), you will be awarded 8 tickets to participate in biweekly freeroll tournaments for new level 2 players over a four week period.

By unlocking the first two levels, we have a chance to access the top level Freeroll tournament for new players; To do this you must complete 3 of these challenges:

  • Play 10 hands of No Limit Hold cash Em cash games with bets of 0.05€ / 0.10€ or more.
  • Play a multi-table tournament with an entry of 1€ or more;
  • Play a Fish Party Sit ‘N Go game.






New Player Freeroll Level 1


20:00 CET


First 4 weeks after first login

New Player Freeroll Level 2

Wednesdays and Fridays

20:30 CET


First 4 weeks after unlocking Level 2 achievement

New Player Freeroll Level Up


20:00 CET

1000€ + 150€ in MPN Poker Tour qualifier tickets

First 4 weeks after unlocking Level Up achievement 

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