Coaching SNGs(<$30) and MTTs(<$22)

My name is Ben Smith.

I started playing poker in 2006 via home games with friends at university and progressed to online play by the end of that first year. That summer i put $200 on Pokerstars and did a lot of studying of the game using forums and other sources.

During the next 5 years i was staked twice(both successfully). The latter was with "Team Moshman" which is Collin Moshman's SNG stable. During my time with them they provided me with a very good coach as part of the backing agreement. This is when my knowledge of the game really accelerated, within two and a half years i was doing well in the $30 9 man SNGs. I felt that it was a good time to leave(on good terms) and start playing on my own.

When i left i remembered my coach saying that MTT fields were softer than SNG fields and decided that would be my best route forward. Armed with my knowledge of bubble play and varying stack sizes i felt i would have a good foundation to start playing MTTS. I studied as much info as i could get on MTTs and moved over at the start of 2014. I went pro playing exclusively MTTS within a few months.

I started coaching at the end of 2014, i felt my strong knowledge of the game coupled with my excellent communication skills would lead me to be a successful coach. I firmly believe the strong mix of the 2 has  allowed me to suceed as a coach.

Coaching Packages

I offer MTT and SNG coaching - my current rate is £10 per hour or for a block booking of 10 hours £9/hr.

I coach in a mixture of ways. I teach concepts in a lecture based way to start and then look at those concepts within the hand histories of my students as they are applying the new knowledge. By doing a HH review we can look at the concept in many scenarios and it allows the student to explain their thought proccess throughout. Finding leaks within the thought process is the key long term and allows a student to gain confidence at the same time.

Additionally, when a student uses HM2/PT4 i teach them how to interpret player frequencies within the game so they can think dynamically about them. The aim is to introduce critical thinking to the students game.

Some of the most common leaks I see across most students I take on are:

  • Critical thinking throughout every hand - Consistently assigning ranges street by street as a hand progresses.
  • Optimal opening theory - Stealing, raise/calling, raise/folding, optimal shove/fold range, correct short stack play.
  • Effective 3 betting - Re-stealing ranges/frequencies, 3 bet/fold, 3 bet/call ranges, 3/4/5b ranges.
    How to play from the blinds - Common lines versus wide ranges in the SB and BB both pre and post flop.
  • Post flop play - Continuation betting leaks, double and triple barreling, utilising position correctly with a deep stack and playing versus capped ranges.
  • Playing without the initiative - Playing versus a 3 bet preflop/post flop and single raised pots.
  • Developing preflop flatting ranges at various stack depths - optimal flatting ranges.
  • Playing versus regulars - lines to exploit the huge leaks in most low-mid stakes regs games.
  • ICM and bubble play - Still a huge factor in MTTs that is largely ignored by many at their peril. Maximise $EV rather than the old school ‘only play for the win’ mentality.

Of course there are many more than this but these are the most frequent leaks I still see across my students.

Intensive use of Equilab, ICMizer and HM2/PT4 analytics to aid and develop our sessions whilst honing in on leaks discovered during teaching. I highly recommend these programs to students as a way to maximise the efficiency of their study time.

Free consultations are available(please contact Habwin directly and they will arrange this for you) where i will give you detailed information about my history and get to know your background as well. This also allows you to ask me any questions you may have.


"Previously I beat 10NL cash games but moved over to STT's 8 months ago. I felt I had learnt all I
could on my own so getting a coach made sense. I highly recommend that if you play sit and go's or mtts you get in touch with him." - Jamie Renwick Maclean

"I have been playing poker for about 2.5years now but it is only since spending some time with Ben that I have had my first winning month on Stars & we've only done 10 hours together. Gotta get some family stuff sorted but I will definitely be doing some more sessions." - Perivale Tony

"Anyone looking to improve rapidly should at least take a consultation from Ben, he has improved my game greatly and i've only done a couple of sessions." - Krzysztof Przybyla

"Don't even stop to think about this, someone needs to grab this space quicktime!!! I can recommend Ben's coaching, great insight at a great price. A true no brainer. Do it!" - Kevin Denouette

"Been away didn't have a chance to comment, really great coach, has an excellent method of teaching and really knows his stuff, would recommend to anyone looking." - Robbie Smith

"Gone from min cashing to cashing deeper and more consistently both live and online, since signing up
with Ben i've cashed for a total over $1500 a huge turn around in my game - in a very short space of time. I consider every lesson to be massively insightful and its change my entire attitude to the mental side of poker and that is invaluable, you could not get better value for money, would recommend" - Conor Murray-Gauld

"My game has evolved immensely thanks to Ben’s coaching. My approach to decision making has been honed to the point where I can be confident about my choices regardless of how well a session is going. Coaching sessions are informative, enjoyable and exceptional value for money. Get in while you can." - Mark Tearney

"I have noticed I am playing a lot more confidently, running deeper & final tabling a lot more in my micro 45/90/180 player sit & go's & mtts- most recently a 27th place finish in a 1688 field. Great value for money & I would recommend to anyone who wants to get more out of their poker" - Richard Atkinson

"I'm not saying it's ENTIRELY Ben's influence, but I've gone from a small winner in $8.80s and $11s and $22s to up $6700 this year .... highly recommended. You need to be prepared to work though." - Mark England

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