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DISCOVER THE EVOLUTION IN THE POKER VARIANTS If you regularly play poker you will know that Texas Hold'em is the best known game mode in America and Europe. However, throughout its history there have been several types of games that are gone, with the 5 Stud Cards being the oldest known modality. 5 Cards Stud or Street Poker does not refer only to the Western film "The Poker of Death" but its origin dates back to the American Civil War reaching great fame during the...

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Participate in the GGS 2020 series

THE GGSeries 2020s ARRIVE From April 5th to April 26th you can play to get your share of the 50,000,000$ in guaranteed prizes that Betspoker hands out. To celebrate spring, the Room brings you its 2020 GGSeries with tickets from $1 to $ 5,000! A promotion for all pockets with levels of High Rollers, High, Mid and Low. The GGSeries Leaderboard comes loaded with 300,000$ and 37,500$ for the winner. Here you can check the Leaderboard formula: Leaderboard Point = f * sqrt(Prize pool / k) k is the place of finish f=2.0 (1st place) f=1.5 (Final table) f=1.0 (In the money) f=0.5...

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