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News and promotions of HabPoker

  • Play SPINS for FREE with Partypoker

    Free tickets to SPINS with Partypoker Partypoker renews its Welcome Bonus for new players, now you will receive tickets to the SPINS tournaments organized by the Room!  SPINS are fast poker tournaments for three players that have a random multiplier that gives you at least the DOUBLE your buy-in.  Once you have registered you can choose the reward package you want depending on the deposit you make. You can deposit 10€ and get 15€ free on SPINS tickets as follows: Deposit 10€ and get 15€ in tickets: Day 1: 5€ 1 tickets SPINS Day 4: 5€ 1 tickets SPINS Day 7: 1 SPINS ticket of 5€. OR Deposit 20€ and get...
  • Get a daily prize with Boosted Daily Legends

    More than 30,000€ in prizes every week! Partypoker celebrates 2021 with new tournament calendars in the Daily Legends, and so that the action does not stop, the Room has prepared a promo that you cannot miss: Boosted Daily Legends. The...

    Get TWISTER TICKETS AND CASH PRIZES Play online poker with the Casino Barcelona application and accumulate the rake you generate to level up during the 12 weekly missions of your Level Up promotion. Every week you can get your reward in the form...
  • Don't miss the Sportium ADVENT CALENDAR

    The Sportium ADVENT CALENDAR is here Complete the mission of the day and get a Free Spin on the Sportium advent calendar! How? You just have to sign up in the Missions section of the Room and get your reward on the Prize Wheel every day! Sign up...
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    Do you know Pokershots? Let me ask you a question that I consider to be very important and revealing. Do you read? If the answer is no ... or you rarely finish the books ... you are leaving A LOT of money on the tables. Let's see why. "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." —Joseph Addison Poker is not just about knowing how to 3bet. It's also about being disciplined, about managing tilt and other emotions; to organize yourself because you are your own boss, to work and know how to improve your concentration, to know how to rest properly to perform at the tables, to know how to study effectively, how to detect errors and what to do with them, to fight...
  • Find out which is your favorite SPINS game

    NOBODY RESISTS THE SPINS The world of online poker is full of modalities and to become a pro and master all types of poker game, we present you the definitive guide for the good player. Stay tuned for all our articles so you don't miss...
  • Llega el Circuito Nacional de poker a Valencia

    Temporada 2020 del Circuito Nacional de Poker Casino Cirsa Valencia acoge de nuevo en sus instalaciones el inicio de la temporada del Circuito Nacional del Poker (CNP888), uno de los torneos con mayor participación de todo el país....
  • What is your favorite poker variant?

    DISCOVER THE EVOLUTION IN THE POKER VARIANTS If you regularly play poker you will know that Texas Hold'em is the best known game mode in America and Europe. However, throughout its history there have been several types of games that are gone,...
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  • Poker basic rules

    Poker is a French card game in which several cards are dealt to each player (the number of cards depends on the game type) Keeping all them hidden or part of them, each player must make the best possible combination of cards and bet according to the hand. There is an initial bid that players are increasing as the game progresses. Finally, the cards are shown in the "showdown" and this one who has the best hand wins all money bet.  Poker types There is a big variety of poker games, with very different rules and ways to play. Let's review the main types of game: Texas Hold'em In this game, also known just as Holdem, 2 hole cards are dealt to each player and 5 cards are...
  • Making Big Calls!

    Poker Stars No-Limit Hold'em Tournament, 10/20 Blinds (9 handed) - Poker Stars Converter Tool from MP3 (t1,461)CO (t1,354)Button (t1,741)SB (t1,474)Hero (BB) (t1,494)UTG (t1,494)UTG+1 (t1,494)MP1 (t1,494)MP2...
  • Losing Is Actually Winning!

    Its an outrageous statement i know but i wanna talk about what i mean and how it applies to poker. You will often hear quotes along the lines of "You learn more when you lose than you do when you win". This holds very true in poker, probably more...
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rooms BONUS

  • PartyPoker Spain


  • Bwin Spain




  • Sportium

    200 €

  • Pokerstars Spain

    40 €

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News and promotions of HabBets

  • Get a FREE bet with Gol made in Spain by bwin

    Bet before the match with Gol Made in Spain If you are one of those who prepare to bet before a match, this is your promotion! Now with bwin you can make simple bets or place through Build a Bet and get another FREE bet for the same value as your bet! You just have to sign up for the bwin promotion by creating your account and bet a minimum amount of € 10 with a fee of 1.50 or more in the J-League or Premier League. But important! You should check the valid matches where the selected players from the following list take part. LIST OF PLAYERS:  PLAYER  LEAGUE  TEAM  A.Iniesta  J-League Vissel Kobe D.Villa  J-League  Vissel...
  • Tickets to play poker for free with bwin

      GET TICKETS FOR POKER TOURNAMENTS BETTING ON BWIN  Do you like poker but have never dared to try on the tables? Bwin wants to offer you the chance to try your luck in the world of spades and hearts while betting on your favorite...
  • Increase your earnings a 30% with bwin!

    Up to 30% extra in your European combis! If you want to get more out of your bets, Bwin makes it even easier with your new promotion for the Champions League. With your European Combi you will now increase your income by up to 30% and you will...
  • Become the bwin Winner

    GET A FREE BET WITH BWIN If you don't have an account at bwin yet, it's your time. Now the Room gives you a free bet equal to your winning "Build a Bet" bet. To participate you just have to sign up and place your bets with bwin's "Build a Bet"...
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    WIN YOUR BETS WITH HABBETS FREE TIPS If you didn't know yet, Habbets brings you the best TIPS every week where we offer specialized advices on sports betting. With the weekly HabBets tips you can turn your bets into winnings, you just have to follow our tips and play in different rooms like William Hill, bwin, Paf or Marca-Apuestas. Why are we so sure? Because our strategies have shown to 9.22% cost effectiveness with only 53 bets made during the last month in different leagues. An example of this is the match between Huesca - Celta where we bet for a minimum of three goals; the match between Betis - Valencia with a victory of the bat over the andalusian team, or the recent meeting...
  • Welcome to HabBets Premium Service

    We launch our HabBets Premium Service! We are delighted to announce the arrival of HabBets Premium ! The most exclusive service for sports betting where you will find the best strategies and leagues at the...
  • 200 million for Trump's victory

    Effects of Trump's victory in betting  The victory of Donald Trump not only entails political uncertainty, the gambling world will also be affected, for better? worse? We'll see! So far, with the US elections, more than £200 million...
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rooms BONUS

  • Merkur magic



    50 €

  • Bwin

    100 €

  • Marca Apuestas

    200 €

  • Paf

    20 €

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News and promotions of HabCasino

  • Play on Tuesday and you earn a bonos on Wednesday...

    The perfect deal for forward-looking casino players. Deposit and play Jackpot Slots today. Earn your deserved bonus tomorrow! Here's how it works: Create your account at Bwin casino Deposit a minimum of €50 on Tuesday from 00:01 to 23:59 (CEST) using the bonus code MANIC. Wager 2 times your deposit at a Jackpot Slot (maximum €200 wagering required if deposit is €100 or more). Get a 50% bonus worth up to €50 on your qualifying deposit on Wednesday. Promotion details: Dates: Every Tuesday Type: Deposit bonus Games: Jackpot Slots Prizes: 50% up to €50
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  • Your casino games get more profit in HabWin

    More profit with casino rooms in HabWin   Casino Barcelona, Bwin, 888 casino... find out our casino rooms and choose yours, sign up with us and start to win more today.  We have the best deals 🔝 Nowhere else they are going to offer you cashback levels as good as in HabWin. Check it out in Rooms section and make a comparison between all the rooms we offer to choose the one that benefits you the most: VIP System, Welcome Bonus and HabCoins to buy in our online store. If you click on See promotions you will find not only the promotions of the room itself, but also our exclusive promotions for HabWinners our...
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rooms BONUS


    88 €

  • CasinoBarcelona

    300 €


    200 €

  • PartyPoker

    100 €

  • Merkurmagic

    200 €

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